Blue Post VFX is focused on producing quality visual effects for high end series in a budget conscious manner. We approach visual effects in a more flexible way than a traditional pipeline restricted offering, priding ourselves in tackling projects in a smart and efficient way, using the latest technology to do things traditionally done by a backroom full of humans. As the VFX offering of Blue Post, we integrate seamlessly with their technology and workflows, meaning no painful roundtrip management (and costs) whilst your project is with Blue Post.BP VFX offers the full range of VFX services you would expect from any mid-sized VFX facility. 2D compositing, 3D/CGI, design, matte paintings/environment builds, set extensions and simple simulations (fire/fluids/destruction/particles/etc). So even if you choose to not place your post with Blue Post, Blue Post VFX can still deliver for your project.

Our core team can scale quickly depending on the requirements of the project. We have a hand picked group of highly experienced VFX artists whom we know can deliver quality results to schedule. This enables us to keep everyday operating costs low, resulting in an excellent rate to you, our client, whilst not impacting on delivered quality. On larger projects we virtualise our production environment, with the entire VFX pipeline existing in the cloud, allowing us to directly compete with the more traditional VFX floors of our rivals.

Our offering is centred completely on client experience and project requirements. We like to partner with production to solve shots in more practical ways where possible rather than just throwing a costly CG department at it. If we think we can get the effect the project requires, with a clever shoot and a simple 2D comp, then that is what we will suggest. The reason we get out of bed in the morning is the desire to deliver innovative solutions to problems that exceed client expectations, but never their budgets.