Blue Post is Australia’s leading long-form post-production facility renowned for our technical knowledge, creative flair and collaborative approach. We employ the industry’s best talent to operate state-of-the-art equipment and consistently provide world-class services to Australia’s leading production companies.

Formed in 2003 by producer and post supervisor Peter Millington and editor Peter Carrodus, the company saw an opportunity to build a boutique facility that was focused on the requirements of long-form producers, where the quality of the finished product is the first priority.

Our People

Peter Millington

Managing Director

Peter provides a unique 360° view of the processes required to bring an idea to the screen. A former editor, post-production supervisor, line-producer and producer of hits such as The Secret Life of Us and Wilfred, he has been responsible for the delivery of hundreds of programs to international standards.

Rachel Knowles

General Manager

Rachel joined Blue Post to head up the Sydney team in 2013. Previously she was Head of Post Production and a Post Producer for 10 years with Digital Pictures, looking after Hollywood studio projects, over 20 Digital Intermediate Feature Films, 40 Television Series as well as numerous documentaries and short films. Her experience and care has earned her a top reputation in the film & tv industry.

Dave Hollingsworth

Director of Post Production

Dave is a post production professional with 25 years experience that includes over 10 years management experience and 18 years experience as a Digital Colourist. Recent roles have seen Dave help to build and run Post and VFX divisions in companies in Vancouver and Los Angeles and prior to that running the Picture Department at Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post Production for 3 1⁄2 years. He has worked with major Hollywood Producers and Directors in Australia, New Zealand and North America, and has also been highly involved in the emergence of new film-making technologies.

Peter Carrodus


Annelie Chapple

Senior Colourist

Marcus Smith

Senior Colourist

Adam Archer

Senior Online Editor

Troy Fleming

Online editor

Vince Brant

Technical Operations Manager

Ka-Yin Kwok

Digital Operations Co‑ordinator

Neil Wood

Datacine Supervisor

Sam Van Munnen

Administrative Assistant

Amanda Millington

Marketing and Accounts Manager