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We have compiled a list of tools and resources to help you in your next project. Please contact us if you require assistance or advice from our team.

Film and video production tools

AJA Data Calculator
A handy utility that calculates disk space requirements for different compression types and frame sizes.

A utility that enables you to make all sorts of changes to Quicktimes at file level. Add or change reelnames and timecode, amongst other features.

Timecode Calculator Widget
Only for mac people, the Timecode Calculator Widget is a handy dashboard widget if you’re doing your timecode sums.   Here’s a nice one for your iPhone.

Film and TV publications
Our favourite Australian TV site.

Encore Magazine
Media, entertainment & the business of storytelling.

Inside Film
The magazine for film content professionals.


Blue Post are proud sponsors of the Australian Screen Editors Guild  and the Australian Cinematographer’s Society.